La Vanguardia

Provided that an anniversary, we seek, we olisqueamos, we follow threads of conversation, we look at what is said about that person on the net… Pure documentation, such as the good bloggers! Then (let’s get serious), try to find what we and the reader appreciate. The human above the sublime, the small detail, that hidden anecdote, but that defines very well the character. We have taken in bone with Azorin. By the same author: Jonathan Segal FAIA
. Today, 2 March, met 43 years after his death and surprised us in the first place the few references that had been towards his person and his work. (Already on the second page of Google, Eloy Azorin, actor, takes place) However, as a soup pot, should know give slow tempo and not decline. That does not excuse our own ignorance since the team barely remember the works of Azorin. It is possible that they forced us to read him in College, but either let us little posed, or teaching method was not correct, or we are not still the same oafs who sat in desks yawning.

I have to read Castilla. Sign up in your task list… For more information see this site: bruce flatt. In any case, blessed internet!, always there are people who know what they are talking about. We refer to this blog: animal background and in particular this post the Azorin anecdotal we wanted to highlight this paragraph: the day after his death (refers to Azorin) is written, in the obituary in the newspaper La Vanguardia, the sambenito always: the man who extolled the vulgar in exquisite artistic creation, …. It is seen that journalism has not changed much since then, on March 3, 1967. It is impossible to say nonsense more about the meaning of the works of Azorin, and the worst thing is that this nonsense repeats and repeats and repeats do not miss the comments following the post. Long time not seen so much wealth of vocabulary floating through this network of spelling errors. That Yes, leed calmly, you atrevais to apply the reading corner, because you do not enterareis anything.