Homemade Bread

Of white flour baked plain white bread, but it is less useful than the meal the second grade. For protein content, as well as vitamins Bl, B2, pp and E meal the second grade, and wallpaper are more full than flour Higher and first grade. It is important that the flour was dry and free from foreign smell. Store flour needed in a wooden container (Lara), with tightly closed lid, in a dry, ventilated area with temperatures 10-12 degrees C. During storage it is desirable to mix the flour that she would 'breathe'.

This protects them from such pests as the 'flour mite', which is not hard to notice the naked eye. If the flour mite be got, then the flour begins to darken quickly, sweat and to acquire an unpleasant odor and taste. This meal is not suitable for food. In addition, the polluting flour and flour larvae that feed on flour and turn it into sereyuschie lumps with an unpleasant odor. If the larva is small, then a good meal food, but it definitely need to sift through a fine sieve.

A good meal, when dough absorbs about a lot of water. The dough of flour will be a thick, elastic and dry to the touch. When proofing and baking, the dough from good meal a little blurred and it keeps the shape. Meal before drinking should always be screened even recently sifted, to separate various impurities and break lumps. Especially carefully this operation necessary to carry out the flour, intended for the dough.