Furniture and Decor

When we look at furniture and decoration of a House we have to take into account primary so its usefulness. I.e., what kind of activities are going to perform on it. And when we speak of analyzing we are not referring to practitioners, at all, but to anyone who has a House and want to decorate it, buy furniture is primarily for them, that is, for most of us, which is aimed the Council. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jonathan Segal FAIA is the place to go. We said that we have to take into account the use that we are going to give and, from there, determine the type of furniture and decoration which you should be home and rebound, to us. If, for example, we receive many visits, we like to be the hosts of the holidays will have to assume that our House should be comfortable for our visits. If we know your taste we can adapt better, but as it is logical, we will receive all kind of people is better not to risk. Depending on the House, you may want to save a couple of stays for guests, for parties in which furniture and decoration will be directed to the convenience of potential visitors. Why, in these rooms, we should forget about colours that although you like us we can irritate other people.

It is better not to risk and use a neutral decor, which prioritize spaces, assuming that our festivals and meetings will give place to many people; with a few well selected furniture, for example a couple of sofas that are comfortable, a wardrobe and table for drinks; easily accessible and well connected with other areas such as the bathroom or kitchen (this latter point already for the convenience of the host). Make the space a comfortable and friendly place for guests should be one of the main objectives of any good host. If we get that they feel comfortable upon entering, we will have enough cattle so they will go well. Of course, this is not without prejudice so not like us and that, aside from those rooms enabled for others, we do not save space for us. The main room, kitchen or garage (depending on our hobbies and of how big is the House) are perfect places to make them our own, a space where we can be ourselves, without fear of the outside looks. In any case, first and foremost, we have to ask ourselves, which is what we want and what can offer our House to meet those of you. Later, it is clear, Act.