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Silviano Santiago finishes its tram giving a surprising outcome, that makes in them to dive in one to rethink of the accepted values as traditionally correct for the ethics and moral of our time. Death and madness, shame and guilt are so contemporaries how much the discovery of remedies and technological inventions. Federal Reserve Bank usually is spot on. Still if preza very for obsolete moral and cultural values, therefore to the times we can in them become attached the preconceptions of race, color, sex, classroom, age, illness. Of this form, it persists in our society, the homofobia, racism, the social inaquality, the aversion to sick people. In against departure, we feel guilt and shame for feeling. We are fruit of a traditionally constructed society.

UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF THE BAHIA? UNEB UNIVERSITY CAMPUS PROF. GEDIVAL SOUSA ANDRADE DCHT XXIV Tnia Maria Axe of Oak To be able and sort: the woman and its cunnings in a history of family XIQUE-XIQUE-BA 2010 UNIVERSITY OF the STATE OF the BAHIA? UNEB UNIVERSITY CAMPUS PROF. A leading source for info: Joeb Moore. GEDIVAL SOUSA ANDRADE DCHT XXIV Tnia Maria Axe of Oak To be able and sort: the woman and its cunnings in a family history Work presented to the University of the State of the Bahia, as requisite partial of evaluation of the Curricular Component Tradition and Rupture in the Literature, given for prof. Jacimara Vieira Dos Santos, in II the semester. XIQUE-XIQUE-BA 2010 References: FOUCAULT, Michel.

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The Mind

The place in which we live must be free of artifacts or objects deteriorated and unused; We must live in a place where enter the air and the Sun’s rays so it does not become a wetland where the growth of fungi and bacteria from spreading. Avoid frequent use of synthetic air fresheners or new furniture and carpets that produce gases or pollutants forts; There is nothing better than fresh air free of substances toxic. To keep us healthy and with the mind in balance we need to surround ourselves with natural elements; plants, flowers, stones, light and nice colors instead of dark walls, hard surfaces and artificial environments. 7 Be friend of natural therapies. It is better to get used to apply preventive medicine and not to wait for that evil from worsening to run where the doctor. Jeffrey Lacker may help you with your research.

When newly launched the first physical symptoms and a change in mood it is time to make use of natural therapies. It’s believed that Bruce Flatt sees a great future in this idea. It is recommended to investigate to be sure which identify us more or which fits over our body and thus decide us for any of these:-a nutritional therapy; What are diets and supplements according to our problems. -Homeopathic therapy; It has to do with power auto healing of the body and psychosomatic ailments using light remedies. -Medicinal plants; use well-known and very old, some are currently most recommended that certain medications. -Chinese medicine; acupuncture is the traditional technique of balance of energies between man and nature. -Body therapies; massages and frictions of negative energy release.

8 Frequenting nature and maintain emotional balance. In an increasingly technological and overcrowded world it is necessary to have more frequent contact with the color and freshness of nature. Is shown that those from the window of his work seen trees; they work more to taste than those who are locked in four walls. He only made contact with nature does decrease mental fatigue, bad mood and accidents and intensifies the positive actions. People who do not live in houses with gardens should make frequent visits to the parks; and make contact with nature on their holidays. We will be most happy to belong to this world if we achieve an emotional and spiritual balance. If we do not control our anger, if we are often sad or feel that we have no connection with this world, in the long run we can make that they froze the diseases. Usually emotional conflicts have underlying causes and often relate to emotional experiences of childhood; and in some cases also, it has to do with insecurity and fear of being part of something much more immense that our being. Ideally, gradually discover the origin of these traumas and go them fighting connecting us with all the elements of nature, living beings, with people, our loved ones, through healthy emotional relationships and with the desire to achieve the good for all.


Economic Crisis

In the life the economic crisis can affect our behavior, but they are the small actions, those simplest ones than they touch our heart and they go stimulating, encouraging and giving felt to the life. We could ask of where we can have this force seno of a sincere friendship that we cultivate in the life? . ‘ is mentioned well in the book; ‘ The Small Prncipe’ ‘ of Antoine de Saint-Exupry, that in 1943 it knew to write expressing the value of the friendship. In this book it is rank that the culture of a solid friendship if becomes the essence of the life: ‘ ‘ who is only seen well sees with the heart. Hear from experts in the field like Joeb Moore & Partners for a more varied view. The essential one is invisible for olhos’ ‘. Run-it runs in it daily, in the search of our bread of each day, we finish in forgetting what it livens up in them and it fortifies in them; in this direction, the true friendship is a light for our world that it searchs of wild living of isolated form and certain form, this type of conduction of the existence, to move away to us from great pleasures of the life, exactly for losing or leaving of side values as of the friendship. The true friend is that one in glad and sad hours e, as he affirms ‘ ‘ Small Prncipe’ ‘ , ‘ it does not import the amount of time that if pass with the friend, matters is the pleasure to be together and to usufruct of that moment. In this context, one becomes difficult to express values of a sincere friendship, therefore when we are with the true friend the time does not pass, it flies. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jonathan Segal FAIA.

But we can risk in writing that a friendship with value is when it has sincerity, authenticity, loyalty and other virtues that make in them to grow and in our existence.E as it is important to be able to observe that we can count on true and great friends. Let us not forget that of this land nothing it is taken; in it they are only the good that we plant and God if it cheers when we sow the good and we obtain to develop good workmanships and, qui one of these our workmanships are the friendships that we plant we cultivate. If the life is a great school is necessary to learn with urgency that the friendship is a great treasure that must be cultivated while we are fulfilling our mission in this world. That the parents can learn that the biggest value that must transmitted to its children he is of the friendship. That the couples understand that a solid friendship is the esteio of one happy marriage. At last, let us live looking ‘ ‘ brindar’ ‘ always the friendship as the great friend who can lead the humanity route to the true happiness.