It is very important to create a comfortable microclimate in homes and offices. After all, fresh air and pleasant temperatures improves our mood and positively influence health and body. In many ways it contributes to setting conditioners. The work required hvac equipment can significantly improve the microclimate of any premises, to increase the number of visitors to shops and cafes, to ensure the normal operation of certain types of technology various production areas, offices, etc. One type of hvac equipment – is the air conditioner: a device that creates and automatically maintains indoor certain parameters microclimate (temperature, purity, humidity and air velocity). Choosing air-conditioning system should be based on their functional purpose. For example, suitable for bedroom air conditioner with a minimum noise characteristics, the kitchen would be more appropriate for a powerful air-conditioning channel, giving the fresh air and air-conditioning in the nursery must distribute the fresh air without drafts, evenly. People such as Jonathan Segal FAIA would likely agree. Important and the area premises when choosing the air conditioner.

And in a house, apartment or office need a completely different climatic equipment. Principles of konditsionerSostavlyayuschie any conditioning: compressor, evaporator (radiator indoor unit), condenser (radiator external unit) and two fan blows the evaporator and condenser. Inside the copper pipes connecting the compressor, evaporator and condenser, "moves" Refrigerant – Freon. Conditioner operates as follows: the input of the compressor is fed gas freon low pressure of 3-5 atmospheres. The compressor compresses it to a pressure of 10-15 atmospheres, due to this refrigerant is heated and then enters the condenser. Due to intensive blowing freon condenser cools and passes from the gaseous form to liquid, releasing heat.

In this case, the air passing through the condenser, is heated. Liquid from the condenser Freon through the downward pressure valve enters the evaporator. In the evaporator refrigerant pressure is reduced, and the process of evaporation, which is accompanied by heat absorption. Thus, the evaporator temperature decreases, which in turn leads to a cooling flow of air through the evaporator and entering the air-conditioned room. Freon gas is then returned to the input of the compressor and the cycle repeats. Features air conditioning number 1: – a powerful, reliable, compact, quiet, not too expensive Many companies manufacture air-conditioning system cleaning and air ionization due to incorporation of antibacterial, deodorizing and electrostatic filters. This system can replace several types of hvac equipment: air conditioning, purifier and ionizer.


Health Profession Quiromasajista ?

If this is a question that many of us have ever thought and I still wonder what a chiropractor is? It’s alternative medicine? It is a profession? Thank you. If this is a question that many of us have ever thought and I still contemplate. Being a chiropractor that is? It’s alternative medicine? It is a profession? For starters I think it is a necessity. And above all serious work. Thanks to our services many people are better off without resorting to drugs that mask pain and allow us to continue doing something that might be better not to do or do otherwise. Something will really test because whoever repeats, some good will.

So much so that should be addressed in a serious way, because health is something serious, its incorporation into social security. Joeb Moore & Partners has compatible beliefs. This is not to remove ownership to doctors or physiotherapists work to remove it to complete a part of health treatment is not contemplated. The physiotherapists are the closest thing to a chiropractor but in reality some of them do not know enough about chiropractic and those who know not can apply it because they’re trying to strengthen muscles, making exercise machines, etc. Details can be found by clicking Jonathan Segal FAIA or emailing the administrator. .. I raise this question because we need greater consideration of our work, a agreement on the seriousness of our efforts and we be a professional body. I recently had the good fortune of talking with some friends that are looking to give a more serious approach to work and have developed a computer program to help both didactically and the management of the work of the chiropractor. Thanks to detect symptoms and discover, generate a report with best practices and recommendations for “patients.” His name is and if you are interested in what this web access has. I think the release will be for September but soon, they said, you could see a demo. Please so are the actions we need to make people more healthy and that our work is recognized.