LETO Furniture

Sawn veneer thickness from 1 mm to 10 mm is usually made of wood conifers: spruce, cedar, spruce. This allows maximum transfer veneer wood structure, but its production gets a lot of waste. The high quality of the material makes it suitable for cladding wall panels, doors, items, stairs, front side of the floorboard, and even for the production of musical instruments. In addition, sawn veneer is indispensable in the manufacture of furniture parts and gnutokleenyh decorative finishing. For the manufacture of veneer sheets with thickness of 0.1-10 mm is used alder, birch, pine, aspen, beech, oak and other wood species. Shelling is done by cutting a thin layer with a rotating churbaka.

The quality of veneer sheets is slightly lower than the lump, but it is widely used for the manufacture of plywood, dvrevesnosloistyh plastic, glued laminated timber, as well as material for the veneering of elements furniture. Depending on the texture of wood are four types of veneers – radial, poluradialny, tangential (tangential) and the tangential face (tangential-Allen). Each of them has his picture – in the form straight parallel bars, cones or closed curves. The process of veneering veneering or veneer is a procedure for gluing veneer to the surface of particleboard or MDF. There are three main technologies veneering – hot, cold and membrane. The first and most simple is the bonding veneer to the slab by special trains. The second is used to add a decorative appearance of milled furniture elements and a laminating a thin layer of wood to the prepared product by heating.

The third offers great opportunities for decorating a variety of products, and is connected to a vacuum veneer and the surface smooth and textured panels, including those with complex surface 3D. Before performing the surface coating material is leveled as all chips and carefully sealed vyscherbiny filler on tree, and twigs are removed and replaced plugs. Then the process of gluing, veneer and then under pressure connected to the base. As a result of veneering material is obtained, outwardly indistinguishable from natural wood, while solid, durable, easy to clean. Veneered panels are widely used for furniture, office partitions and decorative elements of interior design. Veneered wall panels are based on MDF can transform a room, fill it with beautiful natural colors and lines to create a cozy atmosphere. Made of decorative panels 3D furniture for living rooms, hallways, cafeterias apparently not inferior to the same, made of natural wood. At the same time her life and resistance to climatic effects will be much higher, and reasonable prices make furniture for home and office accessible to a wide range of consumers. Design Gallery Beleto offers modern furniture from veneered MDF, as well as a number of decorative panels manufactured by LETO. Original solutions, high quality materials and professional performance will not leave impress any connoisseur of exclusive products.


Wardrobe. Bargain

Annals of cabinets coupe began with a 19 th century. However, they have received worldwide fame in the 20 century. Today, virtually any home in any country can meet these functional and comfortable wardrobes, received the title in Russia wardrobes. Go to our home closets for a long time fell from abroad (eg, England), being the most luxurious interior elements. Everything changed after the establishment of domestic production in 90 years 20. It was at this period began to appear, products whose quality is not inferior to European counterparts. Today we have the opportunity to buy a standard wardrobe, standard sizes, and a wardrobe to order. Many compatriots have many questions during the planning of buying the cabinet compartment.

What better to choose a cabinet? What makes a model? How best to have a wardrobe? Distinguish two main types of wardrobes: 1. Standard wardrobes. Standard wardrobes – a typical wardrobes standard sizes. Segment of the standard-in closets started to develop dynamically in recent years. The reason – the low cost and speed of manufacture. Gather such Cabinets coupe with quality materials and fittings, and have a simple and sleek design, which allows a standard cabinet compartment fit almost any interior. They have the complete set. In addition, Standard wardrobes have a uniform size step.

This step allows you to choose the size closet compartment as close in size and convenient place, it at the desired location. When buying a standard-in closets not mandatory exit . A typical configuration not only ensures speedy order fulfillment and low price, but also greatly simplifies the assembly. However, if the standard to you, however, is not suitable, then only one way – sliding wardrobe to order. 2. Individual closets or cabinets to order. Solo-in closet – it's a wardrobe in order. Holds a cabinet with all the requirements of the customer to the size, integration, configuration and design. Closet compartment for order has an exclusive design and can be an ideal addition to any furniture already installed in the room. Cabinet designed for the manufacture of an individual project, taking into account the size of the place where it will stand cabinet and the customer's wishes. Take into account any nuance. Closet to the order will be ideal for location of your choice, be it even non-standard size or niche corner of the room. Custom cabinets – it is an individual production. Of course, custom cabinets coupe will be more expensive, standard-in closets, and their production will take much longer. But worth it. You will receive a wardrobe, featuring a custom, original configuration, in which how can vividly manifest your taste and fantasy. Inner filling wardrobe will meet all your requirements and location. If, for example, a wardrobe, it will be for the hall, it is convenient to accommodate hangers for the top clothes, shelves for bags and hats, the section for shoes and vacuum cleaner, drawers for accessories and household supplies. Importantly, remember all the necessary attributes to think it is desirable at the design stage. Choose Whether you are a standard wardrobe or take advantage of custom coupe you decide. It all depends on your needs and desires.


The Sink

Minimum required distance between two facing jobs equals the distance that allows two people and provides easy handling with kitchen appliances. Cabinet for products used where next to the kitchen pantry no. Besides the classical type cabinets with shelves and doors are now turning increasingly being used in more modern types of food cabinets with pull-out containers and shelves. Food cupboards should have good ventilation, and the most modern of them even has a temperature control and built-in lighting lamps. Optimal conditions for labor creates a combination of work surfaces, you can work standing or sitting. Convenient operation costing provide jobs boards, located at 85 – 90 cm in any kitchen most space is required for placing furniture products, kitchen utensils and all sorts of devices. Cupboards and other items of modern kitchen furniture, usually coordinated modular, allowing different combine technical equipment kitchen. Thanks to the elaborate system of combining sets of sectional furniture suitable for both large and for small kitchens.

Dimensions and method of opening the lockers should be adapted to the size, shape and artistic concept kitchen. Large doors are impractical, because when you open takes up too much space. Along with classic lockers now appeared cabinets with roll-up or hinged doors especially suitable for use at the top of the kitchen area. Modern cabinets kits allow you to use any part of the space. Lack of containers for storage in a small kitchens can be partially offset by the back of the space between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets line.

Studies have shown that the working surface is practically used only in half or even one-third of its front part, the remaining area is used only on a case by case basis. Therefore, in the delimited back of the board can be arranged lockers for storage of spices, coffee makers and other kitchen appliances. Modern high-tech kitchen no longer do without a dishwasher located under the working board to the left of sink or separately installed near the kitchen line. Using a dishwasher saves not only time but also water and energy. In the vicinity of the washing center have waste containers or sorted organic and inorganic waste. In the modern kitchen lines such tanks are integrated with sink, forming a so-called musoropriemny Center kitchen. Waste coming from the working surface of the hole in the center of the washer, and then – to the appropriate collection of waste. Hole in the sink and the collection of organic waste have closing lids.